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Vaping Glossary

  • 18650: Most common battery size for mods that allow battery swapping.
  • 510: Connection standard for vape mods where the tank's 1/4" male threads screw in to the battery's female threads. 
  • Atomizer (aka Atty): Replaceable accessory within a tank or clearomizer that houses the atomizer coil surrounded by a wick.
  • Atomizer Coil or Coil: Metal wire in an atomizer that uses an electrical charge to heat and vaporize e-liquid. Oxidizes with use and will result in unpleasant "burnt" taste if not replaced regularly.
  • Battery: 1) General term for power source in a vaping setup. 2) Rechargeable lithium ion battery that is used to power a mod.
  • Box Mod: A regulated mod with its components (including non-removeable battery) packaged in a box or case.
  • Cartomizer (aka Carto): "Consumable" part of rechargeable e-cigarettes that combines e-liquid cartridge and non-replaceable atomizer in one disposable unit.
  • Cartridge: Part of e-cigarette that contains e-liquid and attaches to an atomizer.
  • Chainvaping: Vaping multiple times rapidly in succession.
  • Cigalike: E-cigarette with the same size and shape as tobacco cigarettes.
  • Clearomizer (aka Clearo): Vape pen tank with glass window or tube and ego connection. 
  • Cylindrical Mod or Cigar Mod: A regulated mod in the shape of a cigar sometimes (incorrectly) called a vape pen. Often NOT variable voltage/variable wattage capable.
  • Disposable: E-cigarette meant to be thrown away after use.
  • Dripping: Vaping without a tank by directly dropping juice onto the atomizer or wick. 
  • Drip Tip: Removable/replaceable mouthpiece of a tank/clearomizer.
  • Dry Hit: Unpleasant result of firing a dry coil (one not in contact with e-liquid)
  • Ego: Connection standard for vape pens where the tank's female threads screw on to the battery's 1/2" male threads. Ego batteries are compatible with 510 tanks (but not the other way around) due to their double-threaded connectors, but such use is rare and not recommended. Not to be confused with Joyetech "eGo" devices which are vape mods utilizing 510 connection.
  • Ego tank: Alternate name for clearomizer.
  • IMR/ICR: Acronyms for the 2 most common types of lithium ion batteries used in mods (M=Manganese and C=Cobalt).
  • mAh (milliAmp hour): A measure of battery capacity. The bigger the better.
  • Mechanical Mod or Mech Mod: Unregulated mod whose battery voltage is controlled by adjusting the resistance of the coil (see RBA/RDA).
  • Mod: Originally a custom built PV but now generally refers to a high performance battery utilizing a 510 connection.
  • Ohm (Ω): A measure of resistance for atomizer coils.
  • Personal Vaporizer (PV): 1) interchangeable with mod in common usage, sometimes Advance Personal Vaporizer (APV). 2) general term for vaping device  
  • RBA/RDA: Rebuildable Atomizer and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Atomizer designed for use with mechanical mods where the vape experience is controlled by adjusting the resistance of the coil.
  • Regulated Mod: Mod with chip or circuit board that controls the output voltage and manages battery safety (like short protection).
  • Resistance: Key spec for atomizer coils and the tanks/clearomizers/atomizers that utilize them. Ranges from 0.1-3.0ohms. Lower resistance = higher temperatures and more vapor at the expense of faster e-liquid consumption, battery usage, and wattage required.
  • Sub ohm: Vaping with atomizer coils under 1 ohm of resistance. 
  • Tank: General term for part of vaping setup that holds and vaporizes the e-liquid. Refillable with replaceable atomizers (unlike cartomizers).
  • Temperature Control (TC): A regulated mod technology that automatically adjusts the voltage/wattage to maintain a consistent coil temperature (usually 400-480⁰F/ 200-250⁰C). Requires nickel (Ni) or titanium (Ti) coils.
  • Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage (VV/VW): Methods of controlling the power output of a battery/mod and therefore the vapor production of an attached atomizer.
  • Voltage (V): Measure of electrical output potential of a battery/mod.
  • Watts or Wattage (W): Measure of electrical power produced by a battery/mod or the maximum power production capacity of the device. See resistance.
  • Wick: Porous material in the atomizer that draws e-liquid from the tank to the atomizer coil.


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